Waterless Urinals - Do they work in the long run?


I have had experience of installing waterless urinals in commercial buildings. Within a few years, the Building Managers have in certain cases removed them entirely and others have re-installed the flush mechanism to flush them a few times a day.
The issue appears to be longterm buildup causing issues, have others had a similar experience?


Hi Simon,

I installed these in a project 5 years ago, and they have not skipped a beat. It’s all about the maintenance and it seems easier to fix a problem with water, than deal with the FM team.
Sad, but I keep specifying in all new builds!


@RichardDuckitt - what brand did you use? Was it the full pan or an insert? We have installed them on projects but have kept them plumbed to the water supply as a back-up. We yet to gain the confidence to omit the water supply pipework.