Rammed Earth Building


I have been advised that your website may be able to assist me.

Over 25 years ago I bought from South Africa a steel mould for producing rammed earth walls.
It was similar to the FINNBuilder mould that I see featured on the Internet. I contacted FINN but got no reply. It may have been an out-of-date model or one made by a competitor.

The difference from the FINN mould was that the one I bought had a handle attached to the movable stop-end. After the mould was filled, pressing the handle down pressed against the stop end and this moved the mould forward to the new position, like slipform concrete construction. The handle was then lifted; the stop end re-positioned; and the next block could be filled and compressed. There were also a pair of rollers, one on the lower wall section at the front and the other recently cast section at the top rear, which kept things level. It worked very well.

Does anyone have any information regarding these moulds? Where I could get one or any photos etc?
Steve Cook


Hi Steve

Whilst I don’t have any experience using rammed earth moulds, you may want to try the following contacts who work with rammed earth on a regular basis.

Good luck!


Also Paul Marais http://simplysustainable.co.za/portfolio/paul-marais/