Measuring shower/tap flow rates



I’ve been asked quite a bit lately from friends and family how they can determine the flow rates of their shower heads or taps. Obviously with the water crisis there has been a big push to education people on their shower head flow rates. Without knowing the specifications of the actual technology, there is an easy and simple way to find out your flow rate.

Take a 1L bottle, and place it over your shower head. Turn the pressure on full blast and measure the time it takes to fill the 1L bottle. Then, divide that time by 60 seconds (1 minute). Whatever you get, that’s the flow rate of your shower head / tap. Remember, flow rates are measured litres per minute, so you can effectively use any size bottle and work from that time.

Generally, flow rates below 9L/min are regarded as low. However, you get flow rates as low at 5L/min these days, which would obviously save you money and water!

Hope this helps,