Low-flow aerators for taps


Hi there!

Can anyone recommend a good low-flow aerator that has been tried and tested on commercial projects? Cobra taps have been specified for the project we are working on but Cobra aerators only reduce flow to 6l/min which is still too high considering Cape Town’s water shortages.


Hi speak to Fred WWW.WATERSAVING.CO.ZA his cell is 079 446 38 76 he helped us at The Vineyard with aerators.



Hi Jani

We have a whole lot of excess stock we bought from WaterSaving.co.za that we are trying to get rid of.

I would recommend the Mikado 1.4 liters per minute (depending on the application)

I can help out with low low prices and advice if you wish.

Please contact me if you are interested stephen.vdsluys@gmail.com

All the best


Thanks so much Chris, we will get in touch with Fred


Thanks Stephen, that sounds great. Do you know if these would fit a Cobra pillar tap for wash hand basin? I’ll chat to the project team and get in touch via email to discuss further.