Laminated Glass


Hi All

What are companies doing with their laminated glass from redundant office fitouts?
Any causes or places where it can be reused in Cape Town or recycled?



This is an interesting issue! See response below I got from Compass Glass in Cape Town. It begs to question the sustainability of laminated glass if it has no end-of-life options…


Hi Zoe and Francois

This type of glass is not recyclable and I believe internationally where it is being “recycled” the residual waste from the process is fairly hazardous… I think we should generate a new design challenge and design this type of material out! Who is keen?


I would suggest that the glass sheets are re-used in their entirety - I am sure there is a market for them (and a business opportunity for someone to collect and re-sell?). One of the problems with alternatives is that the National Building Regulations require the use of Laminated glass in the majority of cases, for public safety reaasons.