Green procurement:


Food safe preferably eco-certified cleaning chemicals

Hi this is required for a hotel kitchen environment ?

  1.        Multipurpose cleaner 
  2.        Anti-bacterial sanitizer 
  3.        Washroom cleaner 
  4.        Heavy duty degreaser 
  5.        Dishwashing Liquid 
  6.        Rinse aid washing liquid 
  7.        Pot wash (green soap)
  8.         Hand sanitizer



Hi Chris

@Andre Harms may be able to assist? I am sure they looked at a lot of this for Hotel Verde. He is also involved in an online store called which may have some of what you need.

On a domestic scale, I have used the products and am very happy with them. Not sure if they have everything you need though?


Thanks I have been in touch with Andre already?


Hi Chris

OptimusBio manufactures and sells Green Tag Certified Chemicals. Get in touch with them via e-mail - their website is

Hope this helps!

Petro Myburgh


Good morning Chris

Greg McManus from the Heritage Company would also be able to assist with your requirements.
He could most possibly also provide a detailed list of all Eco labeling product suppliers.
Contactable via email on or phone 021 667 6658

Mareli Cloete


Thanks Mareli apparently the waterfront is using a natural based chemical from a company called Dynachem I think Mindpearl is the name of the contractor.Do you know anything about this?

Thanks Chris