Energy Modelling software



Hi OSG community

Can anyone recommend the best Energy Modelling Software and possibly any courses in the Cape Town area?



Hi Jani

I can’t comment too much on the ‘best’ software, but I believe the most frequently used packages in South Africa are:

  • DesignBuilder (I use this and can highly recommend it)
  • IES (I have personally not used it, but many do)

DesignBuilder is licensed in South Africa by Give them a call for more info. They also offer courses on the software.

Not sure if anyone else can provide details in terms of IES?

Note that whatever software you choose, for Green Star it needs to be ‘BestTest’ certified, and for SANS 10400-XA it needs to be ‘Agrement’ certified. I believe both these packages tick these boxes.


Awesome, thanks for the quick response Francois. I will get in touch with Green Plan.