Did plastic free July work?


Are these kinds of campaigns actually having an impact?

Did anyone implement any initiatives or have a client or know of a company that implemented a good project that has brought about change? Something that has been measured and has some data to share?

Hoping there might be a good news story here…



Good day Christy
The V&A Waterfront have embarked on a plastics Campaign end of 2017 and have announced the elimination of single use plastic bags and straws.
Since then we have engaged with the majority of our tenants including major retailors and have embarked on several campaigns. The engagement phase also included interaction with internal staff to drive internal behaviour change.
As part of the campaign we have hosted plastic free month in July at the Waterfront with various in mall activations with a number of tenants on board.
A lot of research has been conducted and data can be shared.
What we have realised through this process is that plastics are not inherently a bad product, it is a functional product with lots of advantages and very good use in the industry, what gives it a bad connotation is people behaviour towards the material and therefore the aim of the campaign is to influence and change behaviour of consumers.
We have also conducted interesting investigations around biodegradable plastics and glass vs. plastic.
Please find the above link of an article based on the Waterfront’s initiative on 03rd July.


Thanks Mareli! @Waterfront
Those are very ambitious targets especially considering how many different tenants you have. Would love to chat to you a bit more about what your research has shown.


Sure thing Christy, I’m contactable on 021 408 7500 / mcloete@waterfront.co.za