Chiller and heatpump curves database


Most of us, if not all of us, are currently using DesignBuilder as one of our primary modelling tools for SANS XA and Green Star ENE-01 modelling.

As a result, we probably calculate the cooling / heating electrical energy based on uploaded plant part-load performance curves.

Is there a willingness with our amazing community to create an open database to share these performance curves among all of us and across the different manufacturers?

We, as PJC, are willing to set up a searchable platform for it (Smartsheet, Google Drive, etc.) if there is buy-in from our community.



Great idea! Let’s start by just uploading them here, then when we have enough we can consolidate into a repository of sorts


Good idea.
As a test, would you mind sharing the GS Office v1.1 chiller part-load performance curve?

Also, how do I share this thread with some of our peers such as Solid Green and Ecolution?


Hey Yogesh

Sorry I missed your last message. My inbox has been a bit manic since the GBCSA convention!

So we apply quite a simplified post-processing approach to part-load curves (as opposed to integrating it into the simulation software). I’m sure you know the approach, but see below steps for the benefit of any others:

  1. Source manufacturer part-load data (attached is an example)
  2. Create a part-load table such as the one shown below in a spreadsheet.
  3. Use the hourly ‘cooling/heating loads’ and ‘outdoor temp’ from our Designbuilder simulation results along with the table above to calculate the hourly electrical load.

30XA0702 Part Load Data.pdf (852.6 KB)


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Thanks for the update and tips for sharing.

Regarding the curves, we use a similar logic through a proprietary software which Paul developed years ago.
I am just currently exploring integrating this part of process within DB but will let you know if it works out or not.


Great, it would be great if there was a simpler interface for manipulating part-load curves in Designbuilder. In my (limited) experience, it is quite a complex task.