Average water consumption



Hi there

Does anyone know of a good source that shows average water consumption per person or household? You would think City of Cape Town has these stats but I can’t find anything on their website. Any tips would be much appreciated.



Hey Jani,

Great question - I think its crucial to compare your water usage to benchmarks so you can see you’re relative consumption, especially with the water crisis we’re facing. As a guideline, it is recommended that you should aim to use no more than the following amounts of water (litres per month):

  • 1 bedroom: ± 4,200
  • 2 bedrooms: ±8,400
  • 3 bedroomsP: ±12,600

I am not sure where you can find the per person statistics, or even average household, but this is a great guideline if you’re looking to measure you monthly water consumption.

Hope that helps!



Great, thanks so much Devan. Do you have the source for these stats?


not sure if this would help: https://citymaps.capetown.gov.za/waterviewer/